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AYSO Region 894 - Harvest, Monrovia & Toney, AL

AYSO Region 894 - Harvest, Monrovia & Toney, AL

How to Become a Referee

Here's all the steps to get certified as an AYSO Regional referee:

1. Become a volunteer (If you have already done this, skip to step 2)
    For a youth referee, follow these instructions to be come a youth volunteer. Here are the steps for an adult:
    a. Log into, or register if you don't have an account yet.
    b. Click on "VOLUNTEER" on the left.
    c. Click "Find Volunteer Roles" on the right top.
    d. If you don't have a child registered, click "Show More" at the bottom of the list, then click SELECT next to "Volunteer Registration - MY17"
    e. Click "SIGN UP" for ONLY ONE volunteer role (you can add more later). If multiple divisions are shown, doesn't matter which division you choose. Just pick one.
     f. Fill out your volunteer information.
     g. Make sure you e-sign your volunteer form.

2. Take online core classes
    a. Go to
    b. Login using the same credentials you used for the site.
    c. Click "My Courses".
    d. Click "Open" to take "AYSO’s Safe Haven" and "CDC: Concussion Course".

3a. Sign up for a Live Regional Referee Course
    b. Login to
    c. Click "Live Courses".
    d. Find Regional Referee Course and then click Sessions.
    e. Type CTRL-F to search in your browser and search for the 4-digit region number, for example "0894".
    f. Click "Register" next to the course. You should be registered.

3b. Take the referee course ONLINE if you don't attend a live referee course
    a. Contact the Referee Administrator to get a training voucher.
    b. Login to .
    c. Hover mouse over "eCommerce" and then click "Products".
    d. Select "Referee Training".
    e. Click "Buy Now" next to the Regional Referee Training Course.
    f. Follow the steps to check-out.  On step 3, enter the voucher code in the "Gift voucher" field. Don't enter any credit card info.
    g. Once purchased, click on "My Courses".
    h. Take the Regional Referee Training Course.

4. Final steps: equipment and
    a. Contact the Referee Administrator to let him/her know you have passed all the referee requirements.
    b. Arrange to get referee equipment.
    c. Go to and register for an account.
    d. When your training is verified, you will receive a confirmation email.
    e. Login to to sign up for games to referee.
    f. Bring your equipment to the games and have fun!

Click here for the Laws of the Game.

Contact the Regional Referee Administrator if you have any questions!

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